Guitar Lessons

26042014-senza titolo-586Study guitar with Neil Zaza!

Playing guitar and need to take your chops up to the next level? Have songwriting questions or a nagging question about sweep picking? You’re in luck as Neil is available for lessons whether it be in person (Cleveland/Akron area) or via Skype/webcam for players out of town or international.

Neil’s unique and individual approach to teaching the guitar can help take your playing abilities to the next level and beyond. Neil will work with you to develop a lesson plan to suite your playing goals and style of music.

These lessons are on a first come first served basis and are available to all students regardless of level or location. This is a great opportunity to interact with Neil and learn not only various techniques on the instrument, but even pick up a few personal tips on playing some NZ tunes from the man himself. This is a fantastic chance any guitarist cannot pass up!

It’s very simple to get started and here are just a few things you’ll need:

  1. A computer (Mac or PC) connected to a high speed internet connection.
  2. A webcam that transmits video as well as audio
  3. A guitar and amplifier
  4. A great and dedicated attitude to learn.

So Here’s How It Works

Simply fill out the form below and Ben from the Melodik offices will contact you to set up a time for your first lesson (if you are local in Cleveland/Akron the same applies). Times are pretty flexible as we understand that different people live in different parts of the world and time zones. From there we’ll set up a time for your lesson, you pay via Paypal and then just be online at that time for Neil to contact contact you to start your lesson. It’s that easy!

Lessons are prepaid via Paypal and are $50 for one 30 minute lesson per week. The first lesson can be paid for individually, but after that you are charged monthly for however many weeks of lessons there are in the month. After pre-purchase the lessons need to be used within 6 weeks.

Since Neil only speaks English (and a few select swear words in Italian) we ask that all students be able to communicate clearly in English.

So What’s A Webcam Lesson Like?

The great thing about a webcam lesson is that you can be in any part of the world and still have the opportunity to study with Neil. As Neil tours you never have to miss a lesson because he can connect from any hotel room or studio that he finds himself in. You get the benefit of learning from the comfort of your own home instead of driving to a local shop and sitting in a cramped room trying to concentrate over the drum lessons from a young Keith Moon in the next room over!

You can cover any musical subject with Neil ranging from picking, improvisation, technique, composition, arranging, sweeping, theory, gear, etc. The list is endless!

Throughout the lesson Neil will demonstrate various techniques relating to the subject you are studying. He will be able to tab various examples out on the spot or pull from the extensive personal library of teaching tabs that he has already prepared. He can then email the file to you in PDF format for you to review and study at your leisure.

Because of the limitations of video conferencing you’ll find it difficult to both play at the same time. This has never been a problem and is not an impediment to the lesson.

Technically Speaking…

For webcam lessons Neil uses Skype (for PC and Mac users) or FaceTime/iChat for Mac.

You can download and sign up for Skype at FaceTime and iChat come stock on an Apple, but you will still need to set up your Mac to work properly. All the recommended programs are free, but you need to install the software and sign up for the service. Again, web lessons work equally great on a Mac or PC.

Please have your computer (video and audio) working smoothly and problem-free prior to logging in to a lesson with Neil. Nothing kills the musical and learning muse more than technical difficulty. Also, lessons are normally grouped together in blocks so it’s rare that Neil can run over time as then he is backing up his next lesson.

Why study with some local guitar instructor when you can have lessons with Neil Zaza in the comfort of your own home? These lessons also make a great gift for the guitarist in your life. Get started now!

For either lessons in the Cleveland area or for online lessons, please fill out the form below.