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Carvin Signature Guitar


The Carvin NZ624 Signature

Carvin’s Custom Shop is teaming up with renown melodic virtuoso guitarist Neil Zaza to offer the Neil Zaza Signature Carved Top NZ624. The NZ624 takes all the features of the popular CT624 24-fret California Carved Top guitar, and adds many upgraded options as standard features, including Neil’s preferred single-volume control layout and Zaza signature truss rod cover.

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The Juicer Now Available

Based on the DOD Juicebox this new release from Mooer Audio is another Overdrive pedal that can add a boost – this is designed to hit the front end of an already overdriven amp for transparent and quiet extra punch. Featuring “Juice” (Gain) Low, Hi and level controls in a tiny true bypass footprint it may not be a derivative of the most obvious choices for boosts but we like the fact it’s a departure for a Player and a Manufacturer to recognise that not everyone wants a TS clone on their board. Clearly not a pedal that in and of itself will satisfy gain junkies, this could be just the thing for a boost with a twist.

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