Alive in Denmark!


This performance of Neil Zaza and his band was captured at a small club named Harder’s in Svendborg, Denmark while on his spring 2014 European tour. Recorded live, this Blu-Ray disc captures the energy and emotion of Neil and the band in top form. A must have for any NZ fan!

Neil Zaza-Guitar
Walter Cerasani-Bass
Enrico Cianciusi-Drums

Recorded live at Harder’s in Svendborg, Denmark on May 9, 2014

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1. Show Intro
2. This Time
3. Fargo
4. In My Dreams
5. Magnus 212
6. Go!
7. The Wonder of You
8. Melodia
9. Adagio
10. Beethovan’s 5th
11. Tobaber
12. Higher and Higher
13. Whiter Shade of Pale
14. Take On Me
15. Purple Rain
16. I’m Alright Intro
17. I’m Alright
18. National Anthem
19. Cinematic
20. Wild Horses
21. I Spy

Filmed by:

Thomas Kure Jacobsen, Kenneth Sørensen and Mathias Tegtmeier
Editing and post production by Thomas Kure Jacobsen
DVD authoring by Thomas Kure Jacobsen

Audio mixed by Neil Zaza at The Audio Kitchen (Akron, Ohio)
Mastered by Tommy Wiggins at Tommy’s Tracks, Nashville, TN. Assisted by Dave Towne

Photo Credit: Andrea Pensalfine , Andrea Stevoli and Roberto Scorta

A huge thank you goes out to Neil’s fans around the world for the continued love and support of his music!
A big thanks to:
Thomas Kure Jacobsen, Emile Vennicke, Pete Falk, Lead Freak, Lej Wt Lig, Rod Flauhaus

Packaging design by Rod Flauhaus

The Gear:
Kiesel/Carvin guitars, Blackstar amps, Dean Markley strings, Meridian guitars, Galli strings, Di Berardino Drums